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norman corwin 1973Norman Corwin (May 3, 1910 – October 18, 2011) was an American writer, screenwriter, producer, essayist and teacher of journalism and writing. His earliest and biggest successes were in the writing and directing of radio drama during the 1930s and 1940s. Corwin was among the first producers to regularly use entertainment—even light entertainment—to tackle serious social issues.   

"Norman Corwin Presents" is a Canadian-produced drama anthology television series which aired on CBC Television from 1972 to 1973.  It also aired in the US on Group W (Westinghouse Broadcasting) television stations.  There are 25 episodes, of which audio-only from 20 is presented here.  The series predated consumer VCRs unfortunately.
Norman Corwin in Wikipedia

Norman Corwin Presents in Wikipedia

These episodes were aired by Group W KPIX (channel 5), San Francisco, California on the air dates below.  The digitized MP3 recordings can be streamed or downloaded and include vintage commercials and announcements of the day.

Apr. 10, 1972 - "Pappy's Oasis", starring Beau Bridges and Bonnie Bedelia

Apr. 17 - "A Foreign Field"

Apr. 24 - "Bingo Twice a Week", portrays an aging woman who is being ejected from her daughter's residence

May 1 - "The Blue Hotel"

May 8 - "Letter From an Only Child", a psychological drama, starring Gerard Parkes, Maxinne Miller, Diane Baker; written by Don Balluck

May 15 - "Crown of Rags", starring David McCallum; written by Howard Browne, guest dramatist

May 22 - "The Undecided Molecule" (missing first 90 seconds audio)

May 29 - "Reunion"

June 5 - "The Moat Farm Murder", starring James Booth, based on an actual British homicide case

June 12 - "Hold That Line"

June 19 - "The Discovery"

June 26 - "A Matter of Life and Death"

July 3 - "Jefferson's Crush"

July 17 - "The Joy of Living"

July 24 -  "The Better it is, the Worse it is", starring John Saxon as a married man in an affair with an unmarried woman approximately half his age.

July 31 - "A Soliloquy for Television"

Aug. 6 - "Please, No Flowers"

Aug. 14 - "First Big Try", starring Donald Sutherland as narrator of a quasi-documentary about the League of Nations

Aug. 21 - "The Pursuit", starring David McCallum as an Everyman, who is constantly sought by elements of contemporary society; Arthur Joel Katz directs.

Aug. 28 - "A Son, Come Home", starring Georg Stanford Brown; written by Ed Bullins

These 5 episodes are missing from the list:

"Aunt Dorothy's Playroom"

"The D.J."

"Odyssey in Progress"

"The One Man Group"

"Two Gods on Prime Time" 

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